Fixtures can be handled better in the Nairobi Provincial League
A typical week in the Nairobi Provincial league.

Wednesday: 1.League fixtures are announced

Thursday: 2.Fixtures are changed two days to the match-day.

Friday: 3.Venue is changed a day to the match.

Saturday 10 AM: 4.On the match-day, the venue is changed upon arrival to the ground.

Saturday 10.30 AM: 5.You are forced to shuttle to the new venue and forced to wait for others to play when you arrive there.

Saturday 3 PM: 6.Ten minutes to kick-of you are told that you have no match and it has been postponed.

The above can happen in the Nairobi Provincial League, which is not right.

Football at what is effectively the third tier in the country deserves better than what it gets. The clubs that invest a lot of time and money that they do not have, deserve better treatment than that.

Players invest their lives. They deserve better.

Our football deserves better.

I hope that we do not have such incidences again in the league, like I had with my side Strathmore over the past weekend. We can do better because we have the potential to do so.

If we can improve our timing and the state of our football grounds, we will nurture more talented players than we can think of. We can do it, so let's do so.

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