Local coaches have goodies for Amrouche/ Ghost Mulee a plus for the Stars
It is good to see the national team coach Adel Amrouche trying his hand at meeting up with coaches at various levels to seek out a way forward for the Harambee Stars.

I salute him for doing so.

In previous years and regimes, we have had coaches coming here and acting like they own the job and taking other coaches for granted.

All coaches have something to offer.

When Henri Michel was in-charge of the national team, I asked severally that he involves local coaches in his process, be it in selection and even growth of the game at a larger level, but he did not.

And so we ended up with a Harambee Stars outfit that was in- balanced to a large extent.. It was not the real face of Kenya.

Which is what a national team ideally should be.

Amrouche should try his best to accommodate all coaches because at the end of the day, they all have something to offer, be it a small percentage or not.

It is still something.


I wonder what happened to Jacob Ghost Mulee's appointment as national team Technical Director.

I feel that it would be a genius move.

The best thing about having Ghost in that position is that he has been Harambee Stars coach before and knows where the pitfalls of the team are. He will tell you what is point X and what is point Y.

Plus he knows what goes on at academy level thanks to his involvement with Liberty Academy.

Appointing him as Technical Director would benefit us all. We would have a person who is a former player, former coach and one with knowledge of the youth in Kenya.

What else can we ask for?

The FKF should try get the man in the job and allow him more time on the pitch than on radio if they feel that they want to uplift the standards of the national team.

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