Kataka Coach sued for assault, robbery

Kataka FC head coach Godfrey Toldo Wocahang’a is in trouble after allegedly assaulting a journalist on Monday at the Mbale Municipal stadium in a match involving the club’s junior team.

The journalist known as Ronnie Wabomba was covering the match between Kataka Junior and Mbale City FC in the FUFA 4th Division-Mbale where the latter won 4-3.

- I have sued Wocahang’a Godfrey Toldo the head Coach of Kataka FC and Kataka FC as a team over charges of Assault and Simple robbery. The case is at Mbale CPS reference SD REF: 94/08/01/18, Wabomba said.

Trouble started when the coach together with some of his players allegedly walked into the field of play and roughed the center referee Godwin Natatya after the loss.

The coach and the players then turned to the journalist (presenter at Open Gate FM) who was covering the chaotic scene, beat him up and confiscated the phone he was using to take the videos.

- I was just doing my job of covering the proceedings before Toldo and his players attacked, beat me, tore my clothes and took away my smart phone which I was using to take the pictures and cover the videos. I also lost my station ID and other valuables.

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