Betpawa: One Shilling Delight!

A client recently placed a 16-leg multi bet on which he staked just one shilling.

He had been enjoying BetPawa’s low minimum stake of 1/= and, after depositing just 20/=, had been trying to get a big win by predicting a lot of correct results in one multi bet ticket.

He’d failed 15 times in  a row but was not at all discouraged, commenting, “I mean, one shilling! What can you buy with one shilling these days? I was happy to keep trying because the cost was so low! And there was always that chance I’d be right one day!”

This particular day, he’d selected 16 football matches from across Europe and picked 8 favourites to win, 5 draws and 3 underdogs.

Well, he got all 16 correct! His payout was 34,560. Not a fortune, but nonetheless a very satisfying outcome for a shilling.

“I love betPawa, man! Nobody else would let me bet one shilling. And they even rang me up to congratulate me! That’s Customer Service.”

“I’m still doing the same thing once every few days. Still betting one shilling. And one day soon, I’m gonna hit them again!”

So, what can you buy with just one shilling? You can buy a dream, and sometimes dreams come true!

Remember, always bet responsibly

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